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15 September 2011 @ 07:21 am
and i'm so tired.  

It's been a long long long time since I wrote journal on holiday. Well, it was because (and I'd never expected before) on my first week, I'd a lot job to do. JGC, the one and the only Japanese community will hold OPEN MIND on 16th September, which means, everyone has to put more effort.  I've doing Bon Odori since Sunday and we still practicing till now.  Doing Bon Odori is not as hard as doing modern dance but sometimes I make mistakes by doing the wrong act.
You know what? I've never knew before about my similarity with other JGC member, we are like old friends :).  Although I've joined their conference... not until a week. It is... really different than when I joined Korea Community, which I'm not connect with theirs although we have the same similarity.  So I think my destiny is with those people, J-freak xD
Hey, hey, hey, but I'm not tired with those people! Actually the title was showing my fatigue after Bon Odori X)
But... there is still something missing... maybe Tsu-chan? I haven't talked with him since last week. Maybe I can invite him to do Bon Odori with me.
P.S: Still wishing the real Tsu-chan were here :(

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